Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming out of hiding!

After a move and a lot of activity in the Jewelry business, I am finally ready to post again. The blog was off of my "To Do" list for the past few months in order to focus on other aspects of my life and business. But, here I am again to show you all my latest product. I will be updating my store with these adorable Frame Pendant Necklaces. These were a hit at the Richmond Spring Festival so I've stocked up and am ready to list them. They will sell for $20 each and come with a chain.

I'd love to see your comments. Enjoy browsing!


  1. FUN!!! ;-)

    You guys moved? Man, I'm outta the loop...or apparently just not keeping up on FB very well.

  2. your necklaces are really pretty, love the cherry blossom one!